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  • introduction
  • 소재지8-tong, Samhwa-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-539-3700~1

t. Cheongoksan is diverged from Yigiryeong Mountains toward south and its height is 1,403m. It is the main mountain of Mureunggyegok and Baekdudaegan located between Mt. Dutasan and Baekbongryeong.

It is known that its name(Mt. Cheongoksan) was given in a sense that the patriotism of students of Confucianism would never fade away in Imjinwaeran(the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592).

The lower part of its summit is surrounded with yee community and you can reach Gojeokdae(1,353), climbing the ridge along Yeonchilseongryeong. Especially, the surrounding of its summit is located in a wide hill where many herbs and wild edible greens grow.

※ Nearby Attractions : Mt. Dutasan, Yongchu Waterfall, Bakdal Waterfall, Munganjae, Seonyeotang(Fiaries' Bath), etc.