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Theme Course

테마로 동해즐기기-스크린투어

  • 드라마 찬란한유산
  • 드라마 겨울연가
  • 영화 미워도 다시한번
  • 영화 동해물과 백두산이

Winter Sonata

드라마 겨울연가 포스터

    Chuam Beach

    Chuam Beach

  • This place is also known as Chotdaebawi (Candlestick Rock) because a unique rock looks like a candlestick rises into the sky. This place is also used as background picture of national anthem video. Every year many visitors come to this Beach to see the sun- rise. Chuam Beach boasts a clean and clear sea water and white sand and has become famous for being a shooting place of TV drama, Winter Sonata.