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Squid Festival

Squid Festival

  • 행사기간2013. 9. 14. ∼ 9. 15.
  • 행사장소Mukho port Irwon landfill
  • 행사주관Squid festival organizing committee
  • 문의처033-530-2441



  • 소개

Donghae city holds Squid Festival, giving visitors the opportunity to catch squid and experience the lives of fishing village first hand. The tourism profits from Squid Festival are associated with local industry, resulting in boosting the regional economy.

  • Starting year: 1997
  • Participants: 70,000
  • Main events
    • Formal event : ceremony wishing for abundant fishing, opening ceremony(fireworks), closing ceremony Stage performance: squid OX quiz contest, entertainer's performance, song festival
    • Experience : catching squid with hand, squid treatment contest, raw fish slice contest
    • Exhibition : squid sculpture exhibition, ocean picture exhibition Standing event: graffiti panel, writing family precepts